meet Danielle

Your life is…wurth living now, not someday. Let’s connect to discuss the vision and budget for your newly organized space(s).

Danielle Wurth is the Founder of Wurth Organizing. Her passion for helping others with organizational issues stems from early childhood being born and not diagnosed until adulthood with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Although very creative, she struggled as a child with focusing and finishing tasks. Growing up there were few professional resources for people with these traits so she developed her own organizational systems to help her excel in school, business and personal life as a wife and mother of two.

Danielle graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Minor in Family Studies. She draws from her educational and personal background to help create organizational systems for their homes that clients can implement into their everyday lives.

Danielle’s 4-Step Process, helps clients become efficient and productive with their time, encouraging enriched relationships and a more peaceful and calm lifestyle.

office team manager, closet designer & lead organizer

Tifanny is a native of Arizona, and has a beautiful daughter Kate in the 4th grade. As a previous Meeting Planner, she enjoyed organizing Professional Golf Tournaments for the USGA and PGA Tours and National Corporations. In addition, Tifanny handled the Marketing for a Commercial Real Estate Company in Mid-town, New York. She thrives on honing her organizing and marketing skills as Danielle’s Admin Extraordinaire for all the Wurth Organizing clients and Events offered throughout the year. Tifanny loves movies, traveling, and cheering for her daughter in soccer, diving and karate!

closet designer & lead organizer

A Seattle City girl at heart, Aimee continues to love the Arizona Desert life she shares with her husband and two daughters. From school auctions to theater props and all things in between she enjoys spending time and supporting her family interests throughout the year along with travel, cooking and quality time with family and friends. Organizing is a part of her giving nature. Aimee loves helping people especially and seeing relief and calmness that comes over them when they experience the power of their newly organized space. She feels blessed to be a part of a team that encourages and supports each other and shares the love of helping others.

closet designer & lead organizer

Katie is originally from Nebraska, moved to Arizona in 2012, but will always be a Husker at heart.  She grew up organizing everything imaginable with her mother which quickly learned it to be a simpler and freeing way to live life.  She thrives on helping others therefore has spent much of her life volunteering and working in the service industry.  Being a Professional Organizer is a true gift for Katie professionally since it fulfills two of her greatest passions.  When she’s not organizing, she’s spending time with her significant other Steve, their five animals or fun activities with Steve’s children.  Katie smiles extra big when she is cooking, crafting and traveling to any new adventurous destination..

closet designer & lead organizer

Trish thrives on helping heal others…its innate in her DNA.  Previously she worked as NICU nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital before starting her family. Her high energy and ability to work in challenging environments are qualities greatly valued with her clients. Trish is married to her husband Tim of 17 years and together they have 4 beautiful children Mac (16), Aidan (14), Madigan (12), and Aubrey (8). In her free time you will find Trish grabbing her green tea at AJ’s, spending time with her family, volunteering at her kids schools or carving out some girlfriend time…anything that makes her smile!