One dry, hot Arizona summer I sat in my kitchen with my 3 year-old, Oliver, and my 7 year old, Devon, trying to think of a game all 3 of us could play that was fun and tech-free. We loved playing Bingo, however quickly realized that Oliver was too young to read double digit numbers, yet loved to color and really wanted to play along. If only I could make it work somehow…if only…and then my Color Blast Bingo Game® was born! Simply print off the Direction Set with the included Color Boards for up to 5 players. Grab the corresponding colored crayons and everyone is ready to play at home, at grandma’s, on long car rides or on the plane. I know it will be a family favorite for yours like it was for ours since all ages and stages can play something tech-free and game-friendly together.

FREE – Color Blast Bingo – Directions + 5 Boards

FREE – Color Blast Bingo – Purple Board