Many printables sold today are pretty, but frankly not purposeful with a plan of action to maximize it.  My designs incorporate all three!  When it comes to organizing I truly believe you can have your cake, eat it too and wash it down with a yummy iced cold drink.

FREE Color Blast Bingo – Directions + 5-Color Boards

FREE – Color Blast Bingo – Purple Board

One dry, hot Arizona summer I sat in my kitchen with my 3 year-old, Oliver, and my 7 year old, Devon, trying to think of a game all 3 of us could play that was fun and tech-free. We loved playing Bingo, however quickly realized that Oliver was too young to read double digit numbers, yet loved to color and really wanted to play along. If only I could make it work somehow…if only…and then my Color Blast Bingo Game® was born! Simply print off the Direction Set with the included Color Boards for up to 5 players. Grab the corresponding colored crayons and everyone is ready to play at home, at grandma’s, on long car rides or on the plane. I know it will be a family favorite for yours like it was for ours since all ages and stages can play something tech-free and game-friendly together.



“Earn an A+ in your parenting communication between your kiddos and their teachers throughout the school year. Print off a a set of the print ables and store at near their homework station or in the side pocket of your car door so you have handy when the need arises.”

Activity Sheet – Car Pick-Up

Activity Sheet – Dental Appointment

Activity Sheet – Doctor Appointment

Activity Sheet – School Bus

Spooky Halloween Candy Printable

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Holiday Budget List – FAB & FREE!

Want to keep your wallet and your sanity in line for a stress free Holiday Season?
There are sooo many “to do’s” around the Holiday Season. Let this trusty Budget Gift List help you keep track of all the endless tasks and costs involved juggling it all. From holiday cards and postage to gifts for teachers, neighbors, charities and close friends. Creative Gift Theme ideas are also included!