I literally consider my car, my mobile office. It is an office that handles multiple affairs: from my company affairs, client calls to juggling family affairs like doing school pick ups to soccer drop offs, and my personal affairs (parked in peace with my coffee drink of choice…of course)!

Knowing all that is handled in this one unique compact car space, it is beyond essential to having organizing solutions for myself and those who travel with me. To prevent our family vehicle from turning into a mosh-pit of our lovely life’s mayhem, I  have reduced unnecessary stops and unwelcomed stress for our entire family so that we can be efficient while ON the road, OFF the road and ALL the stops in between.

Download our Wardrobe Wonderlist. To successfully create your ultimate Capsule Wardrobe, you must select, separate and tally your non-negotiable, favorite-wear pieces.  I created this nifty Wardrobe Wonderlist to help you learn your “assets” and “liabilities” and how it relates to the categories of: Fit – Figure – Fashion.

The goals of this space is to make meals as efficiently as possible, avoiding waste of food, energy, time, and money. In order to achieve this, we need to identify the areas of your Kitchen and Pantry Zones that cause a breakdown in efficiency, leading to wasted efforts and time-consuming backtracking while preparing meals.

Kitchen & Pantry Printable

Every item belongs to a theme. which will then be organized and stored in one of the Top 8 Mega Zones (sorted alphabetically) and the smaller Minor Zones, that lie within a well-labeled zone. Make sure to customize themes and zones that are unique to your home/hobby lifestyle.

Geared Up Garage Checklist

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